An intensive course with CME credit is given in-person at the University of Iowa in Iowa City and at hosted sites, and as an internet live course; specific dates are listed on the registration pages. The course is based on these case studies and the lectures below:

For examples of OR management reports, click here (ORs) and click here (PACU).

For low cost training in OR management, take the (above) intensive course. During the subsequent 2 years, be mentored by Dr. Dexter using email and web conferencing (click here for terms). In addition, serve as a learning assistant for the course (at no cost) at least once. At the conclusion of this training, the learner should understand the science of OR management and how to apply it at his or her facility (practice).

For private instruction in statistical methods for anesthesia and/or operating room management, sign up for a 1-day internet live course (e.g., using Zoom). The topic is customized based on individual interest, and so can include business decisions, anesthesia informatics, economic study design, survey analyses, human resource analytics, etc.

For an introduction to knowledge in anesthesia informatics, click here. For a lecture on daily evaluation of anesthesiologists' supervision, click here. For a lecture on implementation of evidence-based managerial decision-making within anesthesia departments, click here.

Each of the following webinars on the use of OR displays takes 50 minutes, including questions. Click on each webinar title to view a PDF of the slides that accompany each presentation:


For information on scheduling a webinar, click here.